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The top industrial catering supplier in Vietnam

The top industrial catering supplier in Vietnam

The top industrial catering supplier in Vietnam

Meet every strictly requirements of corporations throughout the country

The top industrial catering supplier in Vietnam

The Pioneer to apply AI, ERP technologies into management

The top industrial catering supplier in Vietnam

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The top industrial catering supplier in Vietnam

Haseca - Be placed when you trust in us
Haseca owns 6 subsidiary companies and ensures international food safety standards such as: HACCP, ISO 22000 and follows strictly EU's standards.We focus on three key main factors that make a good meal coming from organic ingredients, safety and talented human
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Over 80% FDI clients

Quantity of meals per day

0+ employees
Regularly trained of Food Hygiene and Safety
HASECA's Services
Industrial catering meals
In here, you find a diverse menu, tasty food & healthy ingredients.
Industrial cleaning services
Haseca is proud to be the leading Vietnamese brand in industrial cleaning sector.
Clean & healthy ingredients supply
We have solutions of organic ingredients for either small-scale or large-scale clients
Industrial kitchen setup
HASECA keeps striving to upgrade service quality and optimise prices for clients.
Why choose Haseca
chef cooking
More than 10 years of experience in the industry
After 10+ years in the market, HASECA strongly believes in the ability to meet the requirements of a wide range of clients with personalised menus, menus upon requests, suitable menus for different sectors. The entire process is advised by a professional nutritionist and executed by our well-trained staff.

Completed managerial system
HASECA has built a systematic working process as well as a solid managerial system with tasks clearly assigned for departments. Due to our specialised operation, we can manage the business efficiently as well as collaborate to complete tasks at our best, thus, ensure the service quality is delivered.

Trusted by lots of overseas corporations
With our strong experiences working with high-profile partners from the USA, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Chinese...,willing-to-learn attitude, innovative execution mindset, HASECA can quite convince the most demanding partners.

Stewarded by the CEO, formerly a talented chef
Mr Doan Tat Chieu - the CEO of HASECA started his career as a culinary chef. He applied thorough understandings of labours' taste and culinary specialised knowledge whilst leading HASECA. As a result, HASECA brings out excellent services that meet the need of every labour in different sectors.

Pioneer in 4.0 technologies application
HASECA is the very first corporate in the industrial catering sector to apply AI technology, ERP, CRM... in the managerial system. The logic and systematic system help us to operate the business efficiently and bring out appropriate innovations. Hence, HASECA Haseca always brings the best quality service for clients.

Follow strictly the food safety standards
Ingredients imported by HASECA are all fresh and organic that followsVIETGAP standard, they are sourced from Metro, BigC... and other renowned supermarkets. In addition, strict regulations of food safety for kitchen operations are followed. As the commitment to food safety requirements, HASECA pays 100% insurance fee for each meal to protect users.

Labor is always Haseca's center
HASECA always strives to create the best environment for employees to grow, also develops the quality of the service that is acknowledged by labours from the client-side. "How labours feel is how our clients feel. If the labour does not feel respected, so do our clients".

Providing advanced catering solutions
We serve quality meals which are meticulously prepared with love to bring you taste of home, satisfaction and energy.