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Since established, agriculture products, food supplying services of HASECA's agriculture products, food supply services solve the issue of ingredients source for retailers and wholesalers, restaurants, hotels...
Fresh and premium
Starting with strengths of office meals and industrial catering provision, HASECA tries to develop agricultural products and fresh food supply services. Based on each requirement, we select the best ingredients to pack, storage and deliver.

Clients receive the material and pay for the shipper. In case the client is dissatisfied and concerned about the food safety of the ingredients, please contact HASECA immediately for support.
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HASECA's advantages
Absolute Safe
The sources of agricultural products, fresh food chosen by HASECA must meet the strict requirements of Food Hygiene & Safety and be through strict censorships. In case the client discovers unqualified agricultural products and food, HASECA is responsible for returns as required.
Quick Delivery
HASECA has nationwide distribution networks, so we significantly save time for shipping. What clients need to do is providing us address. HASECA team will ship your order as fast as possible.
Consultancy and utmost support
Our employees are not only experienced but also well-trained in technical skills. We are ready to answer your questions and give the best advices for clients.
Reasonable services pricing
Being in the industrial catering sector for many years, we select lots of qualified partners that provide ingredients at reasonable price. Instead of finding themselves, purchasing and shipping ingredients as before, our clients can have agricultural products, fresh food at home with the cheaper or at least unchanging fee. Hence, clients significantly save costs.
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