Haseca: 12 years of dedication to green, clean industrial meals

HASECA and the Press

After more than a decade of construction and development, Ha Thanh International Service Joint Stock Company (Haseca) is now one of the leading industrial catering units in the North.

1. Haseca Achievements

With the motto "Delicious and clean from the heart", over the years, Haseca's collective kitchens at businesses in all provinces and cities have always operated 24/24h with devotion, dedication and thoughtfulness. Haseca's officers and employees are the ones who keep the fire in the kitchens with thousands of meals per day burning red 365 days a year.

Every working day of the staff here is full of enthusiasm, enthusiasm with the mind of bringing joy and delicious meals to customers. Every effort, every sharing, every daily story in the production process of the Haseca brothers and sisters revolves around delicious meals, nutritious menus to bring the best service to customers. partners and customers.

Just like that, over the years, Haseca has taken great strides, achieving impressive results in the field of industrial catering and collective kitchen setup and installation services.

2. 12 years consistent with clean food and quality meals

Haseca's predecessor is Kinh Bac Food Company, established in 2006. In the first phase, the company operated in the field of distributing clean food, providing office meals and developing a chain of restaurants. , fastfood.

Four years after the news about food poisoning cases appeared more and more in the media, the demand for high-quality collective lunches of businesses was increasing, Haseca officially found out. direction and steady development until now. In 2010, Haseca transformed the main service industry into the industrial catering business and changed the company name to Ha Thanh Service Joint Stock Company.

With the orientation of growing stronger and international integration, in 2017, the company officially changed its name to Ha Thanh International Service Joint Stock Company (Haseca). This event marked the growth, demonstrating Haseca's determination to professionally and meet international standards in the field of industrial catering.

Neat and clean setting with delicious, nutritious food at a collective kitchen of Haseca.

Recalling the past journey, Mr. Doan Tat Chieu, CEO of Haseca said: “From the very first days of operation, Haseca has made great efforts to bring customers a source of food that is hygienic and safe to eat. products and quality meals. When the food hygiene situation in industrial kitchens became a pain, information about poisoning cases became more and more, the company decided to focus on the field of industrial catering and construction. building collective kitchens for companies”.

Currently, Haseca has a strong human resource team. Many of them have worked in 5-star restaurants and hotels and have accumulated rich experience in the culinary field. Along with the experience capital of each employee, the company's leadership also pays great attention to training and retraining, regular training to improve the capacity of employees. 100% of staff are well trained in the kitchen process, equipped with knowledge on food hygiene and safety before standing in the kitchen. During the working process, employees are also equipped with soft skills such as cooperation skills, teamwork skills, communication skills, sales skills, and time management skills. .. to help enhance the efficiency of professional work.

3. Success thanks to the bright mind and non-stop efforts of the whole team

With unceasing efforts with dedication, enthusiasm, upholding moral values, respecting people and always complying with the law, Haseca has built for itself record numbers: each day provides more than approx. 60,000 industrial meals; building and operating a scientific collective kitchen model, ensuring strict standards on food hygiene and safety in more than 50 large enterprises. Haseca is one of the enterprises in the North honored to receive the International Food Safety Management System Certificate that meets ISO 22000:2005, affirming that the company is a unit with a good management system. Food safety and hygiene and ensure the supply of safe and quality food products to consumers.

With the capacity and professionalism shown through each meal, the company has become a partner of many large enterprises such as Shinwon Ebenezer Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd., Vinfast Production & Trading Co., Ltd. Bridgestone Vietnam Tire Manufacturing Company, Heineken Vietnam Brewery Company Limited...

Every very small step in choosing food, preparing food, serving meals... in the kitchens of businesses is done with dedication and meticulousness by Haseca.

Haseca always puts customer satisfaction and health first, the company is not swept away by the temptations of profit figures. Even though we know that profit is very important to a business, in order to go far, make sure, and progress for a long time, Haseca always realizes that profit earned must be closely linked with the company's reputation, satisfaction and trust. customer information. Therefore, Haseca always resolutely says no to foods of unknown origin, which do not guarantee food hygiene and safety even though the price is many times cheaper.

In the past twelve years and in the coming years, the Haseca team will always devote more effort and enthusiasm to bring satisfaction to their customers, striving to make Haseca a leading company in catering. industry in Vietnam and is the pride of a clean brand when it comes to Haseca. These are also the determined words of Haseca's board of directors.

Source: Vietnam Women Newspaper