Vietnamese leading brand in industrial catering services
During 10 years of operating, HASECA always stays strong with our opinion: healthy ingredients, safe & hygienic kitchen and dedicated human are key factors of a delightful meals.
"Reproduction of labour-power is the beginning of success" is our motto. Based on this, HASECA's menus are designed by well-trained and experienced nutritionists. We carefully estimate the calories in every single meal as well as the meal cost. Based on such information, we advise suitable meals for clients that ensure labours have sufficient energy for their work characteristics.
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HASECA's advantages
Food Hygiene & Safety
"All ingredients are strictly censored with a network of reliable suppliers throughout the country. Due to our strict quality assurance process, HASECA is known as a professional and trustworthy corporation. Due to our reputation, HASECA was invited to the VTV1 show ""Corporation and the Social Responsibility"" in May 2019. In addition, we were occasionally broadcasted on other shows produced by VTV1, VTV3, Dan Tri, Vnexpress, CafeF...etc that widespread our reputation in all parts of Vietnam.

In addition, HASECA pays 100& insurance for all meals. In worse situations, HASECA is responsible for not only your hospital fees during your stay but also 100 million VND for each person and a maximum of 5 billion dong for one case of food poisoning. "
40-day unrepeated and personalised menu
Not only do we provide meals, but HASECA also wants to be a mate that supports corporation and takes care of labours' health. Besides, the 40-day unrepeated menu to change daily labours' taste; HASECA always serves with an open-minded, we usually survey the labour to get more insights. Based on that, we make improvements and complete the menu to better suitable labours' tastes. That's the way we conquer the most demanding clients.
High qualified and experienced team
For HASECA, labour is always the core of our services. Thus, in the recruitment, we focus on employees with strong hospitality backgrounds. In addition, we do not forget to provide training courses on food hygiene and safety. Based on that, HASECA ensures the quality for our clients.
Strict kitchen operating process
To ensure the quality, we build and constantly improve our process:
  • - Input process
  • - Meat and fish pre-process
  • - Fruit pre-process
  • - Proper hand-washing methods
  • - Uniform categorisation regulations
  • - Cloths categorisation regulations
  • - Cloths sterilisation regulations
  • - Cutlery washing and sterilisation process
  • - Chopping board washing and sterilisation process
Ensure the one-way kitchen process
This process is strictly followed with tight regulations
Our human resource makes HASECA powerful. Our goal is to ensure the health of employees and customer satisfaction with meals.
Doan Tat Chieu
Sample of meals
Northern flavour sample
Northern flavour sample
Southern flavour sample
Southern flavour sample
Mẫu miền trung
Mẫu miền trung
Improving sample
Improving sample
Korean flavour sample
Korean flavour sample
Japanese flavour sample
Japanese flavour sample
Chinese flavour sample
Chinese flavour sample
European flavour sample
European flavour sample
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