kitchen setup
With the mission of launching a professional, hygienic and convenient kitchen system for clients, HASECA keeps striving to upgrade service quality and balance pricing strategies.
and Installation advisory
Industrial kitchens for hotels, restaurants are continual systems. Since this place is where a huge amount of meals are cooked and served, it requires detailed design and operation. Based on the location and clients' needs, HASECA proposes suitable solutions that ensure key factors:
  • Providing comfortable dining areas.
  • Rationally dividing the kitchen into different areas upon functions: food receiving, cold food storage, food pre-cooking, cleaning... that follow a logic supply chain, spare enough spaces for cooking, ensure the convenience, food hygiene and safety and save time for chefs.
  • Cutting-edge facilities to meet the demand for cooking.
The industrial

kitchen setup process
the location.
2D sketch.
a 3D sketch after the 2D sketch is confirmed.
the kitchen setup.
the operation.
HASECA's advantages
Well-experienced team
With more than 10 years in the industry, HASECA is confident with our knowledge and experiences in industrial kitchen setup. We aim to provide the utmost support for clients to help them save time and obtain a professional kitchen system as desired. In large scale organisations, the kitchen setup process is more complicated, yet, HASECA manages to handle them all.
High quality and reliable services quality
Choose HASECA, you are supported dedicatedly with kitchen setup by well-experienced experts. Our goal is to help you save time and cost for a professional kitchen system - hygienic, convenient and safe. HASECA accompanies you to place the industrial kitchen and complete the setup process, we can even handle complicated kitchens of large organisations. In case our clients are unhappy, we are flexible with adjustment in a short period to best satisfy clients.
Time and cost-efficiency
Instead of researching and fixing for a long time but still not being satisfied with the kitchen, choosing HASECA is the wise choice for the most appropriate solutions. We provide 2D, 3D sketches based on insights from location inspections. Based on that, we advise you what facilities will be used for the setup. As a result, we save your time and extra cost for fixing, relocating and changing facilities.
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